Your first session with your physiotherapist will start off with an extensive assessment that may include health history and evaluation of pain; posture; joint range of motion; strength; reflexes; sensation; balance; and movement pattern. 

In addition, your physiotherapist will examine relevant diagnostic imaging test such as x-rays; medical records, and/or surgical notes.

Your physiotherapist will establish a diagnosis based on this assessment and will work in partnership with you to develop personalized goals and treatment programs to restore, maintain, or increase your physical function and to relieve pain.

Your treatment program might include:

  • Therapeutic exercises to build strength, flexibility and mobility
  • Manual therapy to reduce pain, stiffness and to restore joint mobility
  • Techniques and modalities that reduce pain and facilitate healing
  • Corrective techniques to improve muscle imbalances and postural alignment
  • Techniques to improve movement, coordination and balance
  • Individualized conditioning regimes and functional training to help you return back to sports, leisure, work, and/or your activities of daily living
  • Gait retraining
  • Work hardening
  • Medical Acupuncture
  • Education

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